Why Choose Sylvia Best?

I am a personal trainer, GrenadeFit 8 body transformation coach and nutrition coach. You’ll lose weight and get in the best shape of your life. And, yes, you really CAN do it on your crazy schedule. Stop hopping from diet to diet. Take control with a program hand-crafted just for you.


What They Are Saying About Sylvia Best


“I absolutely love Sylvia's attention to detail, enthusiasm and sense of humour.

 Her support, advice and brilliant training have helped me lose over 50 pounds and  maintain it.

Forget fads. Nutrition and exercise with Sylvia is the way forward!”


"Having a personal trainer like Sylvia means she considered my goals and helped me achieve them and stay committed...each week I've grown stronger and more engaged. I would 100% recommend Sylvia to anyone looking to improve their fitness, tone up, feel and look better or enjoy some quality one- to-one time with a trainer who gets you."


"I came to Sylvia as I had seen my friends have amazing results with her.

I would thoroughly recommend Sylvia and can't thank her enough for her support and reassurance.

I have lost 14 pounds so far! This is not a diet rather a way of life now"

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